Monday, November 2, 2009

real romance.

Last night, I felt so loved... so considered... so known.

Normally, when I get home, I am greeted with a smile, a warm embrace, and a sweet kiss from my husband. We spend a short time talking about our day and catching up. But last night was different, I came into an empty house... no husband, therefore, no smile, no embrace, no sweet kiss... and yet, I felt incredibly loved by him.

Before I left yesterday morning, the bed wasn't made, the bedroom was a mess, and everything was not in its place. I came home to a clean room... clothes put away, books neatly stacked or put on the bookshelf, bed made. There was a beautiful orange daisy sitting on my desk. I immediately felt loved. There is nothing like coming home to a clean home... quite refreshing. I opened my computer to check my email (a typical routine)... and then I saw his note. It was short and sweet but full of love. It was wonderful.

My beloved's thoughtfulness, his consideration of me, his selflessness took me aback yesterday. Thank you sweet husband.

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