Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weekend Update

I don't even know where to begin... what a weekend it was!

With the school year coming to a close, I feel as if I have been bogged down by extra work. In addition to planning lessons and grading papers, there are lots of extra responsibilities to be done before turning in my keys... so, Friday, my weekend began with a quick dinner and an early bedtime. By early, I mean like 6:45 PM early. I was so tired I thought I would be able to sleep all night. It felt that way, but around 2 AM, I was wide awake. I read Viewpoints for about an hour and then was able to drift back off until 8 AM.

On Saturday morning, I had the desire to be productive and did not want to waste away my morning watching TV. Also, I had some big news for family and was anxious about sharing (no, we are not having a child). So... I decided to wash my car and pray... It was a calm morning. My mind was cleansed, and so was my car!

A little later, I got ready for a tea party! One of my fifth grade students was having a tea luncheon. It was such a sweet time... the fifth grade ladies dressed up in their Sunday best and we dined on "tea party" treats. It was nice to spend time with students outside of school; I sure am grateful for the wonderful students I have spent this year with.

I left early, bought a birthday gift, and headed to celebrate a very special first birthday... I can hardly believe that nephew Brody is one! I got to spend some great time with family... Brody can walk and eat anything. He is such a big kid!

Then, it was time to share future plans with my family. I was anxious, nervous, and very fearful that they would be disappointed in me or opposed to the direction that life is leading the hubby and me. Instead, I received abundant support and love. In the moment, I became emotional. I knew that while my parents supported us... it was news that signaled that I am an adult and can make my own decisions... and that meant my relationship with my parents was changing even a little more. I mean, I cut the strings when I married but they have always been so close and I have continued to confide in them often since I got married. It was bittersweet. Hurt in knowing that we will not always be an hour away, but happiness in knowing that the Lord is moving.

That evening, I was home alone. I broke. I had been holding in so many emotions all day and did not know how to fully process them in that moment. I just began reading Mark hoping that the Lord would comfort me and be with me. I prayed that He would do the same for my family. I was so grateful that I had nothing to hide and that my parents were so accepting. I love my family!

The next day, my beloved and I processed the conversation from Saturday. We went grocery shopping and made lunch together. Then, we worshiped together with our church family. Sunday was a day of gratefulness... of peace... of hope.

Since the weekend, I have received messages from both of my parents. I feel so incredibly loved. I have always known of my parents love for me, but they have not always been expressive with their love. I remember there was a season of growing up where we did not tell each other we loved one another... we do now. We express gratefulness for one another; we speak what was once implied. I am enjoying this season of life with my family. I wish it would not change, and I am going to relish in these moments while they are here.

I am grateful.


This anniversary was different... with school wrapping up, the day came and went quickly. I left around 7:15 after eating breakfast with my beloved hubby of three years and didn't get home until 9 PM just to jump right into our small group. It was a great day spent with students and friends... but it was different; it was our anniversary and I had little time celebrating alone with my love.

Luckily, we planned ahead... we knew what the actual day of our anniversary held, so we decided to celebrate an evening early. It was wonderful. While we still had work all day, we both rushed home longing to spend an enjoyable evening together remembering a year celebrating the journey we have been and are on.

I began by making dinner... spinach and feta cheese stuffed chicken, mashed potatoes, and zucchini. After dinner, we went to a park and played some frisbee. We both were a little rusty, but after a few minutes, our skills were dusted off. :)

We drove to town center and got a smoothie from Jamba Juice and walked around talking about the year. This has been a beautiful year... we thought back to the people we were just twelve months ago and they looked quite a bit different than they do now. We have grown A LOT. God has done a lot in our hearts... He has been the guide of our journey. We have arrived together, but we did not necessarily take the same path. We both realized what a blessing and gift it was to share this past year of learning, growing, stretching, and transforming together.

After talking some, we went to a friend who was house sitting... The house had a hot tub. After our workout planning frisbee, it was a relaxing way to end our date night together.

There were no gifts exchanged... I apologized and so did he. Then we realized that we both didn't want a physical gift; what we wanted was intentional time spent enjoying each other's company away from the hussle and bussle of life. So... instead of a gift... we are running away together. Shortly after school gets out, we are sneaking away from this busy, sometimes stress-filled life, and retreating together... relaxing from the fast pace of life.

I love celebrating life... I hated not getting to celebrate on the actual day, but life happens. And now, I get to celebrate not only before... but after! :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

So much has happened since my last post... but I can't let Mother's Day come and go without jotting some thoughts.

I love my mom. She is a wonderful woman, and I enjoy all moments that I get to spend with her. Our relationship is not a typical relationship. I feel as if we have always gotten along... we have had out spats, but I don't remember a time where I did not appreciate or deeply love her. When we get together, we don't watch TV or movies, we don't do fancy lunches or dinners, we don't have spa days. Eating with her usually involves a coupon or samples given out at grocery stores like Sams although lately she has been treating to a foot long veggie sub which we split from Subway. When we get together, we chat (we never lack in conversations), we shop, and for the past few years, we get up and dance! It has become a tradition to pull out DDR and have competitions or to see who can hula hoop the longest (my mom always wins... she is hands down the best hula hooper I have ever met!).

So, for Mother's Day, my siblings and I purchased her the Zumba dance DVDs. I surprised her late on Saturday evening and we put in the first DVD right away. I arrived in El Campo around 9:55 and five minutes later, we were dancing! We danced for about two hours and then proceeded to slow down, complete some final chores, shower, and go to bed. It was a wonderful evening. We laughed, worked out, and created some forever memories.

On Sunday, we went to church and went to McDonalds (my mom had a coupon)... :)

All in all, it was a perfect day. I believe my mom felt really loved and I loved being there with her and my little sister. Happy Mother's Day, mom.