Sunday, January 30, 2011


The hubby and I are blessed to have similar schedules since we both teach. That meant that on Monday, January 3rd, we both got one more day off before we began working again. That morning, I convinced Justin to wake before noon and spend some of the morning with me before having to part ways for the day to run errands and meet people. (This has been a particularly busy season for my husband who has a full-time job and many hours of ministry on the side per week). And so began our tradition of brunch. We have both found this time truly refreshing. Our conversation revolves around hopes and dreams, goals and desires, scheduling and planning for the week and weeks to come, etc. We have never been short on conversation. It is a lovely time together.

Our first brunch was at Chick Fil A... not high class, but just right. I remember we sat in a booth and shared with each other what God was teaching us and how that was changing our lives. We talked about the direction we wanted to set ourselves to move in 2011.

Over the next couple weeks, we have had many more chances to brunch, mostly on Sunday morning. It really sets the tone for our Sabbaths. We have gone to Baklava Cafe, Panera Bread, and Chick Fil A (not on Sunday, of course). Sometimes, Justin goes grocery shopping with me or I will go and then pick him up to brunch. We start the morning off together, we start our week together, and in these moments, I feel we are truly sharing life as one. After our mini adventure out, we come back and things differ on the week. Sometimes, he has to get ready for church in the evening. Sometimes, I begin cooking and cleaning to prepare myself for the week to come. Sometimes, we read. Last week, we came home and took a nap. We both woke up happy and in love.

Sunday brunches have really changed our relationship. I enjoy them more than date nights as most of the time, I am too tired to carry on a normal conversation or our conversation revolves around school. Brunch has become an extension of our worship to God together as we seek to follow Christ as one.

Me vs. The House

If we were to have a guest come over for dinner (with the exception of Mark because he is already here), I would be ashamed at the uncleanliness of my house. There are papers everywhere... stuff covering the floor... many, many things out of place. Sometimes, it is overwhelming. It constantly seems like me against the house. When I have time off, I feel like I spend the whole day running errands, planning lessons, grading papers, grocery shopping, washing clothes (which is often a lot of the mess). It seems that I do not have enough time to do to quick pick up.

So much of me wants a clean, presentable house at all times. I get so stressed out trying to maintain it if I could ever get there in the first place. I see the vanity of cleaning... you clean but the next day there is a whole new set of dishes and clothes, etc. I look up to my mom who always managed to have a clean house or my sister who, even with two young children, always brings her home back to a state of beauty.

I think to myself often that I am lazy... but then I look at what I do with my extra time. I read, I plan, I do chores (but not enough to make everything spotless), I run errands, I strive to steward all of our resources well, and mostly, I spend time with people. I cherish time with my husband... when he comes home, he has priority... he has my time. While sometimes this leads to laziness (which I need to change), other times this is just valuing people over having a clean house. And... I think I am okay with that... :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Long Time Coming...

So, the school year began... and, I can hardly believe it is already January (and the end of January at that!).

Overall, my first year of teaching has been great! Like all first year teachers, I have felt the stress of planning and organization and teaching and then repeating that cycle in what seems like an endless cycle, but I have learned so much. My goal this year has been to not get stressed... I can say confidently that I have been pretty successful in that; however, there have been lapses where I have momentarily freaked and eventually managed to pull myself together.

With all that said, here I am again... I desire so much to be intentional. Today, I was listening to a sermon... Mark Driscoll said that more often than not, we know the correct thing to do, we just choose not to do it. I know that I need to blog/journal. While I would characterize the past few months as wonderful, there have been some emotions and moments that I have wanted to treasure; there have been some priceless lessons learned; there has been much self-discovery; there have been some new desires within my heart; there has been much love. One of my favorite scriptures is when Mary treasures up all the things in her heart... I remember many moments thinking... pause, hold your breath, this moment is fleeting and you need to treasure it deep within. Many of those moments I don't remember now, I just remember thinking that. I wish I would have been more intentional in writing them down.

That brings me back to the sermon, Mark Driscoll was saying how often we know what to do. His advice- DO IT! Again, I am wanting to pick up this blog. More as a way for me to track the journey. I know that life is not so much about the end goal but about the journey it takes to get there. So... here is to the journey.