Sunday, November 8, 2009

every day living.

I could easily define this past week with a plethora of words: distracting, restful, disgusting, tiring, hardworking, and yet lazy...

All in a week's work, I managed to:
1. Only work one half day.
2. Study for days straight for the special education test.
3. Take the special education test which took over four hours to complete.
4. Sleep in.
5. Go grocery shopping and by our seventh half-gallon of ice cream for our freezer (it was on sale... I couldn't pass up the bargain)!
6. Get sick and throw up; completely unrelated to #5 (the disgusting part of the week).
7. Take two naps in one day.
8. Go out to eat WAY too much.
9. Wake up slowly with my husband.
10. Paint some walls and cabinets at the Mayberry's.
11. Double date with the Mayberry's.
12. Try out my first and probably last cigar.
13. Watch my beautiful niece stretch and do rolls at gymnastics.
14. Wash one load of laundry three times.
15. Pray that God would be enough even if I have no clue what lies in the future.
16. Get my first register rewards from Walgreens... thank you Amy for teaching me the system!
17. Listen to Shane & Shane's new cd... by the way, it's amazing!
18. Have a date night with my hubby.
19. Share a meal with my husband at a restaurant and still have food to take home in a to-go box.
20. Seek to understand what it means for the Lord to be my portion, my sole satisfaction.

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