Monday, November 2, 2009

happy first anniversary!

Our anniversary weekend began at an Astros game on Friday, May 22. Ashley, Melody, and I envisioned this as a triple date but when game time rolled around, their dates could not come. Nevertheless, it was still fantastic company!

Saturday, May 23- We decided to picnic in the park... in other words, Chick Fil A drive thru taken to Oyster Creek Park in Missouri City. Quite simple but always enjoyable...

On Sunday, May 24, our FIRST anniversary, we went to San Antonio after church. We stayed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on the riverwalk. After walking along the riverwalk, we ate dinner at a mexican food restaurant called the Iron Cactus. Favorite story of the weekend: Before the weekend began, my very generous boss told my beloved to take me to a nice restaurant and gave him some cash to make sure he followed through on her request. We went to the Iron Cactus prepared to enjoy a nice dinner with no concern for how much things cost (no ordering water for us!). We got seated and started munching on chips and salsa. My beloved wanted to order a drink to celebrate, and as always, I forgot my ID so I could not order a "special" drink. After about fifteen minutes of eating chips and salsa, we ordered an appetizer. The service was unusually slow so by the time we got the appetizer, we were not hungry. No entrees for us! So... the only time we went to a restaurant prepared for a hefty bill, we leave spending like $20.

We concluded our anniversary celebration by eating one-year-old wedding cake at home on Monday, May 25.

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