Sunday, June 26, 2011

Have I really NOT gone to work for 21 days?

I feel as if I have lost some momentum over the summer. I have wasted more time despite my desperate attempts at being disciplined.

Monday (20th):
- Shopping with Justin for groceries for the week
- A few plans fell through with friends
- Reading
- Exercising
- Cleaning- I don't know how but the house constantly seems to keep getting messier... I guess I really do know how that happens.

Tuesday (21st):
- Dentist Appt. (This was such a pain to schedule, but I am so grateful that Justin and I both now have clean teeth for another six months!)
- Spring Creek BBQ (We had gift certificates to eat there free from the school.)
- Small Group- Burrito Bowls

Wednesday (22nd):
J and I were supposed to go to Conroe for our 3rd anniversary, but we decided not to because we wanted to go to 220 instead. I was a little bummed because I love getaways with my husband, but we tried to plan a fun day instead. I feel as if I ruined the day with my attitude. We went into the day without a well-thoughtout plan, and things did not go as we intended.

We went to Chick Fil A and got a great deal- for $9, we got two large fries, two large sweet teas, 22 nuggets, and two ice cream cones. We couldn't finish all the food, but that's what happens when you use coupons!

Then, J went with me to Katy Mills Mall. I have been in need of some new clothes. I have a really long torso, and a lot of my clothes have shrunk the past year making them not fit properly to say the least. He was such a trooper. I drug him along for hours and he did it all with a smile on his face. I get so discouraged shopping though because clothes cost more than I want to spend and they don't always fit me the way I want them do... it was not how I wanted to spend my date day with J but I knew that this was one of my only free days to go shopping this summer left.

We had plans to go ice skating, out to a nice dinner, maybe go rock climbing or swimming in a pool, but all that fell through. I was a little disappointed, but my hubby always helps me make the best of situations so shortly after we got home, he put a smile back on my face and continued on about my day... maybe 220 will be our anniversary vacation?!?

-J finished his day with guy friends watching Firefly
-I went to pick up my sister to spend the next couple days with me.

Thursday (23rd):
- Savannah, J, and I went to Oyster Creek park and threw the frisbee around...
- Ate lunch at home.
- Went to go see Midnight in Paris (It was okay, but I would not watch it again...)
- Went back to Oyster Creek park and threw the frisbee some more ( Savannah and I kept setting goals of how many times we could toss it back and forth without letting it fall... we made it to 80!)
- Late dinner at Chick Fil A
- Finished the evening with a movie, Life as We Know It. (SIDENOTE: when we were watching the movie, there were two HUGE roaches in the room. I flipped out and tried to spray them with pledge. J was hanging out with some guy friends... around midnight, he drove home to try to find and kill them. I HATE ROACHES! but I love my sweet husband who got in the car late at night to save his wife.)

Friday (24th):
- Woke up and read a chapter of Sacred Marriage about how marriage really teaches how to love... quick quote: "To fail to love my wife and kids rightly in the name of loving other people rightly is a sham." Family first... it truly is a huge ministry.
- Savannah and I were going to play putt putt but it didn't open until 4... we watched The Dilemma (not a great movie).
- We decided to pick up my niece after her four year check up at the doctor's. We went to Swirll to get some frozen yogurt, made rainbow cupcakes, watched Toy Story 3, and made gak. It was so much fun!
The Before

The After

- Dropped Addie off at Robyn's and hung out for a little bit... I love those kids and I love my sisters!
- Dinner with Lisa and Griffin at Olive Garden. Thanks for the dinner and the great conversation!

Saturday (25th):
- 9 AM breakfast with old friends from college: it was a wonderful morning spent with the Ashcrafts, Leah, Lisa, Jack, Mark, and of course, the hubby!
- Baby Shower in Austin with Jenn! I don't usually like road trips because I don't like being in a car for hours, but I was grateful for the many conversations during this one; it was quite enjoyable!

Catch up- Week 2 of Summer Vacay!

I have really strived to live each day intentionally this summer... using my time wisely in study, prayer, and in reconnecting with people. Because each day looks uniquely different, I don't want to forget all the special moments that I have had.

Here is what I have been up to:

Monday, June 13: I spent the day with a friend at the hospital. She has cancer and was going in for another treatment. It was a long day for sure, but at the same time, I was grateful that I got to be their with her and for her.

Tuesday, June 14: This day was spend running errands, preparing for small group (which entails cleaning the house), and a wonderful phone date from my bride-to-be friend, Ashley. I am looking forward to seeing her soon. Our conversation was encouraging and uplifting; I am truly grateful for her friendship. I also had a lunch date at Chipotle with two lovely ladies from church, Katie and Ada. It was full of good conversation and ended with some frozen yogurt from Swirll.

Wednesday, June 15: I woke and began taking care of the aftermath from small group... dishes, picking up toys, etc. I drove into Katy to run an errand and then went to a friend's house for a skype call. In this skype call, I met a wise woman and not only learned a lot from her but was encouraged by her.

Thursday, June 16: Today was a day of study. I have not had much time to read and enjoy books like I have wanted this summer, but I woke up this day with a desire to read. I am in the middle of a few books... some are Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas and Instructing Your Child's Heart by Ted Tripp. Later in the afternoon, I got ready for Girl's Night. It was wonderful spending the evening with Melody, Christi, Loren, and Liz. These ladies are truly soul friends... life moves quickly and we can go months without seeing one another, but it is as if no time has passed at all when we get together.

Friday, June 17: I nailed down some Father's Day plans. My dad can be unusually hard to by for, so this year, I created family dates for him to choose from. On Friday, I sent him the email asking him which one he would like to do.
Saturday, June 18: ADDIE'S FOURTH BIRTHDAY! I began the day by running errands with a friend. We went to JCPenney, Babies R Us, and a few other places. We met our husbands for lunch at Los Gallitos. I parted ways after that and headed to watch my nephew for the afternoon so my sister could treat Addie to a fabulous mother daughter day. (They were going to go swimming, and my one year old nephew makes things a bit more complicated.) I didn't mind though... we had so much fun together. That evening, we drove up to Conroe to say good bye to some dear friends who are moving to Kentucky.

Sunday, June 19: HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! I woke up early and made a yummy sausage roll to take to my dad for breakfast. We stopped and got some steaks for lunch and then took the trek to El Campo to bid my dad a happy father's day. We went to church, and it was wonderful reconnecting with people that I grew up with. I cannot get over how big some of the kids have grown; they are technically not kids anymore but I remember them as toddlers. (I think that officially makes me old.) We spent the afternoon in good ol' EC and then headed back to Houston for church. We ended with community dinner and good discussion.

*not the actual one I made on Father's Day*

It was a busy week, but a great one nonetheless...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

here I raise my ebenezer...

recently, i have thought a lot about the ebenezer...

1 samuel 7:12- " Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Mitzpah and Shen and called its name Ebenezer, for he said, "Till now the LORD has helped us."

that is how i feel in life. with each overcome obstacle, i say to myself, "surely the LORD has brought me this far."

this past year, the LORD has been teaching me a lot and leading me in ways that i never imagined... i have tried to follow obediently but along the way, i have faced doubts, fears, convictions, sin, discouragement, resistance, stubbornness, and the list continues. by the grace of God, i have come this far.

my once hard heart is now broken... i have been encouraged... i have communed with the Lord and with His people... i am walking in openness.

even though this process has been difficult, trying, and at times painful, reflecting back there is much joy, much thankfulness, and much peace. (and my journey is just beginning...)

surely, the LORD has brought me this far.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

too good to forget...

This weekend was wonderful.

It began with a Friday evening spent with friends I have not seen in quite some time. We met Melody at Chili's and then joined Adam at their apartment for brownies, ice cream, and some games. I really enjoyed spending time catching up with them. It doesn't matter how much time passes, we seem to always jump right back into our friendship.

Saturday morning, I received a call from my sister telling me she wanted to work out with me... she gave me very few details, and J and I met her at 11 AM a bit anxious about what to expect. It was a tough workout... I would not say it was fun but it was much needed and slightly enjoyable! Then, I joined my sister, niece, and nephew for some fun at the pool. My niece and I played together for a few hours. One of the things we played was "I Spy." We took turns spying things (i.e. "I spy a purple bathing suit." and "I spy an orange cone.") About five minutes into the game, Addie said, "I spy men's boobs." Then, she began pointing to all the men without a shirt on. It was hilarious!

After fun with family, I went to say good-bye to my teaching partner who is moving to NM. I can't believe I won't be working with her next year; we had such a good year and worked really well together.

J and I finished the evening off with "Little Fockers." I am glad we waited until it came out on Redbox. It was much more fun sitting in pjs and eating ice cream covered in magic shell! :)

And, here we are... Sunday. It was a full day of worship, community, and love.
It began with RCF service; J was leading worship. It was followed by yummy Chinese food at Green Garden with his family. We rushed home just to get ready and leave to JW church. I had a good time with the kids and then we finished off the evening with community dinner. Our group might be small, but I sure love the deep community we share each week.

The day was not yet over though. All day, my body has been extremely sore from the difficult workout from yesterday. J tried rubbing some knots out of my back and arms. We had a lot of fun laughing at the pain I experienced... By the end, I was laying in his arms and we were sharing a sweet moment. J said, "I feel really close to you..." (sweet, I know), but he was not done speaking... he needed to give a reason for why he felt close to me. Guess what he said? It was not that we had spent time laughing and talking together or that we had spent a great day worshipping together. Instead he said, "I feel very close to you right now... maybe it's because we are wearing the same kind of deodorant."

Yes... he ran out two days ago. I love moments and comments like this.

It reminds me of a time a few months ago. We were laying on the bed talking seriously about future plans. J picks himself up by his fists and looks in the mirror and says, "I'm a lion." Yep, in the middle of serious discussion.

I must say that I love that man more because of moments like that. May we have many, many more.

Happy weekend!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Week One of Summer Vacation

Day 1: Saturday
- Brunch with Justin at Chick Fil A
- Addison's 4th Birthday Party at Bounce U (or Bounce Me as she liked to say)
- Open birthday presents with the fam and hung out with the siblings
- Wild 'n Crazy shopping for food fight at Robyn's school
- Katie Cox's birthday bash!
- Begin the massive deep clean of the house...

Day 2: Sunday
- Escape to Starbucks to start the day. Began reading my first book of the summer.
- Caitlin's high school graduation
- Lunch at Genghi's Grill
- Church at JW
- Community dinner following...
- Last minute Wild 'n Crazy planning.

Day 3: Monday
- Lunch at Chick Fil A with Savannah
- Shower and rest time after a morning in the hot sun!
- Dinner date with Ashley Ashcraft at Jimmy Johns! What an encouraging dinner!!!
- Continuing the deep clean.

Day 4: Tuesday
- Grocery shopping for the week with Justin
- Quick lunch before final preparations for ESL test
- ESL test (still waiting for results... it was harder than I expected)
- Community Dinner Prep (dinner: remake of Chipotle's burrito bowl)
- Washing ALL the floors in the house!

Day 5: Wednesday
- Quiet morning- reading and relaxing
- Final vacation preparations for Virginia/ DC and 3rd Anniversary Getaway
- Errand running (stopped by the post office and did a little bit of unsuccessful, unproductive shopping)
- Met with a dear friend, Brittney, who I have not seen in years... what a blessing!
- Quick dinner and final clean up... counters, sink, toilets, shower, and floors cleaned in the bathrooms, massive cleanup in our play/ guest room including the vacuuming of the floor, and a round of dishes.

Day 6: Thursday
- Breakfast with the Jonie and Keith and their boys... what fun it was to hang out with them for a little bit!
- Finalized 3rd anniversary getaway (we are going to Conroe for a few days and staying right on the lake...)
- Quick lunch followed by a skype call...
- Police officer came to look for the lady who used to live here... (this is really just something out of the ordinary)
- Hanging out with a friend this evening

Day 7: Friday
I know that it will begin with my favorite triplets!!!

So far... it has been a great summer break. I am looking forward to reading, resting, and hanging out with more people! It is wonderful having time and opportunities to reconnect with people.