Sunday, February 27, 2011


This weekend, I experienced a lot of firsts: first girls trip with my aunts, mom, and granny; first trip to Vegas, first slot machine (I did not gamble much; I don't like throwing money away); first Vegas show, first time I came home to a wonderfully clean home thanks to my hubby!

Here's how it went down:
On Thursday, I left school early and headed out of town with my mom. On Friday, she turned 50! I am so grateful for the opportunity to celebrate with her; she is a wonderful mom and friend.
In the airport on our way to Vegas

We got in late Thursday night. My aunts and granny picked us up from the airport and we drove
along the strip. While I enjoyed the city life, I would not want to live there and I did not enjoy how much they objectified women. Despite that fact, I had a GREAT time! We got to our hotel room which is a fun little story in itself. My aunt booked the room on craigslist (who knew you could do that and it be safe?!?). We were staying in the Jockey Club (how many of you have ever heard of that before?). The Jockey Club is a little hotel room in between the giant Cosmopolitan. I know the picture is a little hard to see, but the Jockey club is the bright lights down below (this is the top of the building) and the bright lights above is the Cosmopolitan. Anyway, the Cosmopolitan opened two months ago and it is beautiful inside. We had to find a little sign that said Jockey Club, enter in a parking garage that had barricades everywhere because of construction and enter the Jockey Club. Fortunately, it was really nice inside. Perfect for a group of 5 and fairly cheap per night. It was a suite with two bedrooms (3 beds) and two baths with a kitchenette.

Back to Thursday night, we went along the strip and then went to the Jockey Club. We played 31 together, had a cocktail, ordered a pizza, and just hung out together. I really enjoyed getting to relax and be with the girls.

Friday, we woke up, had some coffee cake, and then headed out along the strip. Our first stop was the Bellagio. It was beautiful! We walked around the gardens, toured the bakery, saw the pools, and took in all the intricate details.

When we entered the hotel, there was this huge horse. I told my mom we had to take a picture in front of the golden horse in honor of her golden birthday!

This is the ceiling of the Bellagio lobby. Beautiful glass, right!
The bunny was in the Bellagio... they had beautiful gardens. It is in honor of the year of the rabbit.
The worlds largest chocolate fountain!

After that, we headed to New York, New York. This looked so neat from the outside, but it was really windy!
My mom, aunts, and granny are on the steps at the bottom of the picture!

My mom with her lucky 50 glasses on at New York, New York!

We left and continued walking along the strip. We stopped and had
Fatburger for lunch. It was
really yummy. I also saw the largest motorcycle coming out of a Harley Davidson store. I took a picture of it for my dad.

After some walking, we went back to the Jockey Club and had some birthday cake. Then, we had a wedding to go to! This was the show: Tony and Tina's wedding. It was really funny and I even got to lead my first conga line! The groom even danced with my granny... I think this made the bride mad! ;)

On our last day there (Saturday), we visited the Venetian, Palazzo, and Wynn. It was very interesting to see how the gondola ran through the Venetian. We also had lunch there and did a little shopping. I found a $.79 shirt in a souvenir shop inside the Venetian. That was my big win of the weekend!

Overall, it was a beautiful weekend celebrating the life of a beautiful mother and friend. I love you Cathy Kemberling and am so happy and blessed to call you mom!

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