Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Reflections

This morning I read a friend's blog. This woman was my mentor my sophomore year of college. When I think of her, I think intentional, wise, discerning, adventurous, content, free.

Even though it has been years since I have seen Liza Sharp, she still encourages me.

After reflecting on who Liza is in my life, I thought back to my sophomore year of college when she mentored me. That year was one of the most beautiful years of my life... there was healing, wisdom, contentedness, joy, celebration, community, prayer, and so much more.

At the time, I was single and loving being single. I shared life closely and openly with a dear group of girlfriends who I still consider some of my closest friends. My room was ALWAYS a mess and I NEVER watched TV. I was only in my room to sleep and I had a ton on my plate. But... I prayed and studied more than I ever have. If I look back, I know I was walking with God.

The past couple of weeks, my husband and I have been hungry to hear from the Lord. We desperately need guidance and discernment. We are calling on Him but don't know if it is His voice or our emotions. After reflecting on that beautiful year in college, I think my answer for today is to live the questions. To live intentionally, quietly, celebratory, and wait upon the Lord. I need to hold the future with open hands and just live today for that is all that I have really been given.

Thank you Lord for new perspective.

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  1. Love this entry - and love you! Hope the Lord's voice is clear to you this week.