Thursday, February 24, 2011

busy, busy, busy...

Busy is the watchword.

While this weekend was quite wonderful, it was still quite busy. A lot of planning and preparation went into the festivities. Monday was a staff development day. I was not quite prepared to jump right back into the work week, but I did anyway. Knowing that I was going to take a half day today and a full day off tomorrow, I pushed myself really hard this week. Not only did I need to prepare all the details of my lessons for this week, but I also only had half the week to prepare for next week. Since I am going out of town for my mom's 50th, I feel like I can't rely on this weekend to get things done.

This past weekend, we decided to go on an Alaskan cruise this summer with all of J's family. I am really excited but was nervous about the lack of winter clothes I had in my closet that do not look tattered and worn after this cold winter. So... I knew Monday was my only spare night to get some winter shopping done when clothes were on sale. I knew if I waited, it would be slim pickings. We went to Kohls and I found some great deals. I bought a short-sleeve top, a sweater, a light athletic jacket, a coat, a cardigan, a scarf, and a necklace all for around $98. I saved over $285. I love deals.

On Tuesday, we has small group at our house. I stayed a little after work to input some lessons and do "teacher stuff". When I arrived home, J and I began cleaning and cooking. The Nicholsons came by early to talk to us about future plans. It was a wonderful moment of rest in the midst of a crazy day. When other people started arriving, I knew it was back to work and I began playing hostess while trying to prepare little surprises for my mom's 50th. Around 9:45, people headed home and I kept on working.

Then Wednesday rolled around... I had the most productive planning period EVER! I input all my reading lessons for next week, I printed out papers for my class, I got scantrons for their test, I got my sub plans together... I just maximized every minute. That evening, I began hitting my figurative wall. I made J one of his favorites dinners. It is this Chinese dish with broccoli. After that, we met a Turkish family for dessert at Baklava Cafe. It was very enjoyable.

I am really grateful for a new family friend. Justin has been meeting many new people lately but many of the men he meets are not married; it is a joy for there to be a family that we can both go visit.
...finish sidenote...

After that, I had to pull together my gifts for my mom. It all came together just in time. Around 11, I crashed. And at 5:30... the alarm beckoned me to begin once again.

I snoozed for a good 45 minutes, but finally had to pull myself out of bed because I had a meeting at school at 7:30. And here I am... at home... waiting for my mom so we can go to the airport. I am pretty tired. May this mini-vacation be restful enough to pull through two more weeks until spring break.

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