Sunday, June 26, 2011

Have I really NOT gone to work for 21 days?

I feel as if I have lost some momentum over the summer. I have wasted more time despite my desperate attempts at being disciplined.

Monday (20th):
- Shopping with Justin for groceries for the week
- A few plans fell through with friends
- Reading
- Exercising
- Cleaning- I don't know how but the house constantly seems to keep getting messier... I guess I really do know how that happens.

Tuesday (21st):
- Dentist Appt. (This was such a pain to schedule, but I am so grateful that Justin and I both now have clean teeth for another six months!)
- Spring Creek BBQ (We had gift certificates to eat there free from the school.)
- Small Group- Burrito Bowls

Wednesday (22nd):
J and I were supposed to go to Conroe for our 3rd anniversary, but we decided not to because we wanted to go to 220 instead. I was a little bummed because I love getaways with my husband, but we tried to plan a fun day instead. I feel as if I ruined the day with my attitude. We went into the day without a well-thoughtout plan, and things did not go as we intended.

We went to Chick Fil A and got a great deal- for $9, we got two large fries, two large sweet teas, 22 nuggets, and two ice cream cones. We couldn't finish all the food, but that's what happens when you use coupons!

Then, J went with me to Katy Mills Mall. I have been in need of some new clothes. I have a really long torso, and a lot of my clothes have shrunk the past year making them not fit properly to say the least. He was such a trooper. I drug him along for hours and he did it all with a smile on his face. I get so discouraged shopping though because clothes cost more than I want to spend and they don't always fit me the way I want them do... it was not how I wanted to spend my date day with J but I knew that this was one of my only free days to go shopping this summer left.

We had plans to go ice skating, out to a nice dinner, maybe go rock climbing or swimming in a pool, but all that fell through. I was a little disappointed, but my hubby always helps me make the best of situations so shortly after we got home, he put a smile back on my face and continued on about my day... maybe 220 will be our anniversary vacation?!?

-J finished his day with guy friends watching Firefly
-I went to pick up my sister to spend the next couple days with me.

Thursday (23rd):
- Savannah, J, and I went to Oyster Creek park and threw the frisbee around...
- Ate lunch at home.
- Went to go see Midnight in Paris (It was okay, but I would not watch it again...)
- Went back to Oyster Creek park and threw the frisbee some more ( Savannah and I kept setting goals of how many times we could toss it back and forth without letting it fall... we made it to 80!)
- Late dinner at Chick Fil A
- Finished the evening with a movie, Life as We Know It. (SIDENOTE: when we were watching the movie, there were two HUGE roaches in the room. I flipped out and tried to spray them with pledge. J was hanging out with some guy friends... around midnight, he drove home to try to find and kill them. I HATE ROACHES! but I love my sweet husband who got in the car late at night to save his wife.)

Friday (24th):
- Woke up and read a chapter of Sacred Marriage about how marriage really teaches how to love... quick quote: "To fail to love my wife and kids rightly in the name of loving other people rightly is a sham." Family first... it truly is a huge ministry.
- Savannah and I were going to play putt putt but it didn't open until 4... we watched The Dilemma (not a great movie).
- We decided to pick up my niece after her four year check up at the doctor's. We went to Swirll to get some frozen yogurt, made rainbow cupcakes, watched Toy Story 3, and made gak. It was so much fun!
The Before

The After

- Dropped Addie off at Robyn's and hung out for a little bit... I love those kids and I love my sisters!
- Dinner with Lisa and Griffin at Olive Garden. Thanks for the dinner and the great conversation!

Saturday (25th):
- 9 AM breakfast with old friends from college: it was a wonderful morning spent with the Ashcrafts, Leah, Lisa, Jack, Mark, and of course, the hubby!
- Baby Shower in Austin with Jenn! I don't usually like road trips because I don't like being in a car for hours, but I was grateful for the many conversations during this one; it was quite enjoyable!

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