Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Long Time Coming...

So, the school year began... and, I can hardly believe it is already January (and the end of January at that!).

Overall, my first year of teaching has been great! Like all first year teachers, I have felt the stress of planning and organization and teaching and then repeating that cycle in what seems like an endless cycle, but I have learned so much. My goal this year has been to not get stressed... I can say confidently that I have been pretty successful in that; however, there have been lapses where I have momentarily freaked and eventually managed to pull myself together.

With all that said, here I am again... I desire so much to be intentional. Today, I was listening to a sermon... Mark Driscoll said that more often than not, we know the correct thing to do, we just choose not to do it. I know that I need to blog/journal. While I would characterize the past few months as wonderful, there have been some emotions and moments that I have wanted to treasure; there have been some priceless lessons learned; there has been much self-discovery; there have been some new desires within my heart; there has been much love. One of my favorite scriptures is when Mary treasures up all the things in her heart... I remember many moments thinking... pause, hold your breath, this moment is fleeting and you need to treasure it deep within. Many of those moments I don't remember now, I just remember thinking that. I wish I would have been more intentional in writing them down.

That brings me back to the sermon, Mark Driscoll was saying how often we know what to do. His advice- DO IT! Again, I am wanting to pick up this blog. More as a way for me to track the journey. I know that life is not so much about the end goal but about the journey it takes to get there. So... here is to the journey.

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