Wednesday, May 25, 2011


This anniversary was different... with school wrapping up, the day came and went quickly. I left around 7:15 after eating breakfast with my beloved hubby of three years and didn't get home until 9 PM just to jump right into our small group. It was a great day spent with students and friends... but it was different; it was our anniversary and I had little time celebrating alone with my love.

Luckily, we planned ahead... we knew what the actual day of our anniversary held, so we decided to celebrate an evening early. It was wonderful. While we still had work all day, we both rushed home longing to spend an enjoyable evening together remembering a year celebrating the journey we have been and are on.

I began by making dinner... spinach and feta cheese stuffed chicken, mashed potatoes, and zucchini. After dinner, we went to a park and played some frisbee. We both were a little rusty, but after a few minutes, our skills were dusted off. :)

We drove to town center and got a smoothie from Jamba Juice and walked around talking about the year. This has been a beautiful year... we thought back to the people we were just twelve months ago and they looked quite a bit different than they do now. We have grown A LOT. God has done a lot in our hearts... He has been the guide of our journey. We have arrived together, but we did not necessarily take the same path. We both realized what a blessing and gift it was to share this past year of learning, growing, stretching, and transforming together.

After talking some, we went to a friend who was house sitting... The house had a hot tub. After our workout planning frisbee, it was a relaxing way to end our date night together.

There were no gifts exchanged... I apologized and so did he. Then we realized that we both didn't want a physical gift; what we wanted was intentional time spent enjoying each other's company away from the hussle and bussle of life. So... instead of a gift... we are running away together. Shortly after school gets out, we are sneaking away from this busy, sometimes stress-filled life, and retreating together... relaxing from the fast pace of life.

I love celebrating life... I hated not getting to celebrate on the actual day, but life happens. And now, I get to celebrate not only before... but after! :)

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