Sunday, April 3, 2011


In need of prayer...

I know that this statement is very true... and yet, it is very difficult to follow through. Often, I feel very alone in the struggle.

Knowing I need to pray and devote time to hearing God and yet struggling to find the time to sit in His presence.

And those moments when I do sit, my mind wanders... I lack focus.

Even when I have time set aside and my mind remains focus, I struggle with wondering if I hear God. I question... was that really God? Did I make that up? Did I base what I believe God told me based upon my own feelings?

And those moments that I know beyond a doubt I hear, I want to savor and sit in His overwhelming presence forever.

I want those moments of listening and hearing more and more. The journey is trying and often painful as God answers prayers in ways that shake my worldview and life.

After talking with friends the past month or so, I realize that I am not alone in this struggle. I think there is great power in prayer and great power in community. Imagine the possibilities if those combined... prayer and community.

So... I desire to start a prayer meeting in our house. Often, we believers get together to pray. We spend more time sharing requests and talking.... Then, we awkwardly transition into prayer for about five minutes because we "ran out of time." I want more. I want people to come knowing the expectation that they come in, silent their hearts, pray earnestly that we want to hear from God and then wait until He speaks. I want our home to be a place where the goodness of the Lord is written upon the walls. Lord, let it be.

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