Friday, April 8, 2011

Defining Success

The idea of success has come in and out of my mind lately. What is its measure? How do I know when I have obtained success? It is something I have strived for both consciously and subconsciously. The desire to achieve this often undefinable thing always seems to be before me.

These thoughts began flooding my mind once again about two weeks ago. I was praying that God would define success for my life and that I would learn to be content to live and strive for his definition. I concluded that being obedient and joyful in that obedience was true success... following my master and being happy in the pursuit is the key.

Saying that and living it, however, have proven to be two very different things. It is easy to say the words... to internalize the words. There are so many other deceptive definitions of success though that skew true success. Money, career, quality of life, possessions, etc. All these things take my mind off of following Christ and leave me on an unending rat race for more.

I currently have absolutely NO job security. This week, I will find out whether or not my contract is being renewed. Some days in the past few weeks have been beautiful: striving to follow Christ. Other days, I have been extremely stressed... striving to figure out a back-up plan that will make me the most money without having to sell my soul to the job. And in reality, when I say days... I really mean some hours and some minutes. I have good and bad moments every day. I am but a mere pendulum .

Needless to say, whatever happens, I know that as long as I am seeking Christ, true success cannot be taken from me.

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